Self-doubt is a killer


So often we spend time looking at all the possible negative outcomes of a situation we are in or decision we are about to make. At the same time, all the great and exciting possibilities are overlooked.

I’ve heard so many many people say that today’s generation are too confident for their own good. I beg to differ. Self-doubt is something I notice everyday, within myself, in those around me and through what I see on social media. If something isn’t approved by peers, it is reconsidered, hidden or deleted. People are dying to be accepted and are constantly comparing their abilities to that of others, and it’s causing them to lose confidence. It’s something I’m guilty of too. It is rare to find someone who has confidence in their ability to achieve something. As is implied in the quote, they are always worrying about failure and forgetting their potential to “fly.”

When I’m in doubt, I remind myself that with hard work and self-belief I can do anything I set my mind too. It’s a mindset that effortlessly lets me feel confident and happy because I know the future is in your hands, and I’m not going to throw it away.

If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything!


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