Not-so-healthy argument

Discussions and arguments are some of the most practical and interesting ways to learn. What better way is there to learn about a certain subject than from someone who is passionately explaining to you their opinion? Exploring another’s point of view enables us to question and develop our own beliefs, which are a very important part of who we are.

I’m quite confident in saying that “religion versus science” is one of life’s greatest debates. I’m definitely not educated enough in either area to comment, but the one thing I do firmly support is that people have the right to choose what they believe in – whether it be God, evolution or both. It frustrates me to see people consciously offending, disrespecting or constantly trying to disprove another’s belief in an attempt to make them seem like idiots. This is something I believe crosses the line – it’s not beneficial, it’s downright rude.

A “healthy argument” is one that respects both sides, but pushes each person to learn from the other. Perhaps it will cause one to change their mind, perhaps it won’t. There is no point in blatantly insulting another person’s belief, especially if you aren’t willing to delve a little deeper into it’s origins or attempt to see why it may be good rather than bad.

This applies to every kind of belief – from the big stuff like religion and atheism to the every day encounters with people who have an opinion that differs to ours. By all means, support your own opinions and beliefs, but don’t do it in a way that makes you appear stubborn and disrespectful. If someone offers their opinion to you, don’t be offended or threatened by it. It’s healthy to look on both sides of an argument, even if you completely disagree with what they have to say.


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