Sad realisations

A life can be short, even when it shouldn’t be or didn’t have to be.

No one realises the impact one life can have on so many others until that life is taken away.

A person doesn’t realise how many hearts they have touched by simply being alive. No one can ever imagine how many times their name has been spoken, their smile has lit up a room or their face has been recognised in a crowd.

We all live in a ‘bubble’. All the sadness and horror of the world seems so distant and unreal until it bursts this bubble and interrupts our reality.

Sometimes, there are no words to describe sorrow, loss, empathy, confusion. There are no words that seem worthy of someone who is grieving the death of a loved one. Sometimes a simple “I’m here when you need me” is all you can say.

Treasure every moment

Rest in peace K.P


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