Make it count

It is a fact the life of every individual will be filled with ups and downs. Even those who have a seemingly perfect life have their struggles, and the most important thing anyone can take from their hardships is to make it count. What do I mean, you wonder?

Make the fact that you went through something absolutely shitty count for something. Learn from it. Maybe it wasn’t even you who suffered the most, but someone you care about or even someone you barely know. Make it count. Become a better person through experience and observation. Perhaps you think the difficulties of your life are insignificant or maybe they are constant shadow over your true self. I recently heard a wise man say, it is your choice to be either “bitter or better.”  Use your bad experiences to shape yourself into the type of person you want to be – don’t let your bad experiences become who you are. If you lose a loved one, become a better person because you knew them, make their life count for something. Let them live through you. If you made a decisimake-it-count-B-+-Won you regret in the past, ensure you never make it in the future. The idea of making it count can be applied to almost any situation and although it may feel impossible, the end result is worth it.

Remember, you live and you learn – make the lessons count.



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