Accept life for what it is, or change it

This little post is a reminder to anyone reading (but mainly to myself), that if you can’t accept a situation or issue in your life – change it. There are a few reasons why I have trouble doing this at times.

I can be lazy. No lazier than average, but still lazy. I’m amazing and super productive when I’m in the mood to work, but at other times I just can’t seem to get my butt out of bed. Secondly, I dislike conflict. I stand up for other people, but I rarely stand up for myself. I’m an empathetic person and always put myself in the shoes of others. Many others don’t do the same, so I find it pointless trying to express how I feel sometimes, even if it hurts

What these two attributes have in common is that they often result in me complaining about a) Uni b) Work c) People d) Money. YET, I could potentially avoid and totally change these situations if I constantly took a proactive approach to life – not just when I’m randomly in a (possibly hormone driven) happy/”anything is possible” mood. The point is, if you want great marks – study. If you want money or a job you love – work for it. If people make you feel shitty – tell them, or move on and live your life without their negative presence.

Earlier this afternoon I was exploring World of Wanderlust, a travel blog created by 22 year old Australian, Brooke Saward. After completing her Bachelor degree in 2013, she booked a one-way ticket to London and the rest is history. Brooke took her passion for travelling and business know-how and turned it into a full-time career – she is currently travelling the world and being paid for it. What more could you wish for? She’s SO lucky, right? Well… no. Today I read Brooke’s post “Why I’m not lucky to travel the world as a career”, and it was inspiring to say the least. She has worked hard to turn her love of travel into a successful business endeavour, and the hard work has paid off BIG TIME. Sure, she is living the dream now, but it wasn’t given to her on a silver platter. She changed her life through her own actions and decisions – something I’m going to remind myself of when I’m feeling lazy or negative towards aspects of my life.

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration to change the things in life you cannot accept. Give yourself the life you deserve!



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