What I would wear “if it suited me”

There’s always (at least) one. That one item of clothing or accessory that looks amazing in theory but terrible in real life. It just doesn’t fit or look right on you, no matter how hard you wish and the amount of times you try it on. Unfortunately, there are four items on my wish-list that I’d have bought a long time ago, if they suited me. I’m not writing this post to degrade myself, I’m just acknowledging the pain of having to accept that you may never suit something you really, really want to wear. Let’s begin with the most troublesome…

Sunglasses; protection from the sun and accessory for the eyes all in one. Oh, how I wish I could feel 100% comfortable and confident wearing a nice pair of shades. Despite trying on possibly every style I have ever come across – nothing suits. The most frustrating part is actually having to settle for a pair that look bad because without them, the sun will sizzle my eyes in summer.

Trends are constantly changing – and one of the latest has been pencil/midi skirts. I’m talking the type that start at the waist and extend all the way down to the knees. I love them, and maybe if I was a little taller they would love me too. Another semi-recent phase has been flat forms – flat shoes with thick platforms under the sole. It’s not their fault – I just have (what I think) are very long feet in comparison to my skinny ankles. The result? Clown feet – and flat forms would just accentuate their size!

Lastly and most unfortunately, NUDE. Not my birthday suit – the colour nude. I am yet to find a nude item of clothing that suits me, because the colour completely washes me out. I have light brown/golden hair, light olive skin and wearing nude creates no contrast between my body and my clothes – which is not a great look if you ask me!

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 12.23.31 amDespite my complaining, there are also a tonne of clothes and accessories which I wear that others would probably avoid. Bodies are a funny thing. I’m so frustrated by the fact that I’m almost always either too big on the waist or to small on the hips. My big feet look so out of place attached to my little legs. Opposites attract is a term that seems to sum me up. I’m happy with every part of me, I just wish the items described above could show me a little lovin’. I’ll get back to you if they ever do.




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