Curly hair problems

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-WavesYou won’t find my hair in tight ringlets or an afro. It’s a far more relaxed curl – the closest comparison I can give is to Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Last night, as I lay in bed regretting my decision to book a 9:00am hair appointment, I began to think of all the problems associated with having very wavy/curly hair.

So I decided to compile a little list of the experiences and issues associated with having such unruly tresses, in the hope that some fellow curly-headed sisters and misters would be able to empathise.

1. The pain of trying to detangle your hair
Almost everyone gets knots in their hair – but none are as hard to diminish as the tightly tangled knots of curly hair. I remember when I was younger and had my hair combed/brushed by my mum, I would scream and yell because of the pain. Maybe I was being dramatic, but hey, it really hurt – especially back when I had a real fro’. Eventually I developed my own tactics for getting the knots out, minus the feeling of pulling my hair out!

2. Hiding the pain in front of the hairdresser
Despite the hairdresser being far more painful than my mother – I simply refused to show a stranger the pain I was in.

3. I was never able to get a side fringe
At a time when bangs were the big trend and everyone had a side fringe, I could never get one. Curls aren’t very good fringe material. Although I’m glad now that I never made the chop – back then I was wishing for straight hair purely to be able to get a fringe.

4. No two days are the same
I can never guarantee that my hair will behave the way I want it to. One day it’s beautifully curly, then flat, wavy, a ball of fuzz or simply refuses to create any form of decent hairstyle.

5. Remembering the potential for it to ‘bounce up’
For years I was too scared to cut my hair any shorter than mid-length due to the fear that my hair would return to it’s childhood state – super tight curls. Sometimes a hair length looks great with straight hair, but with curly hair it may be way shorter. I’m yet to see the results of this morning’s haircut in my hair’s natural state.

6. The time and effort required to straighten your hair
I know some curly headed girls who religiously straighten their hair, but I am someone who prefers to do it as little as possible to keep it healthy and to embrace my natural tresses. When I do straighten my hair, it takes forever – not only due to the amount of hair but also the fact that it doesn’t always bow to the power of the heat plate instantly.

These are just a few problems I’ve had over the years, I found a more comprehensive and funny list here. It seems that those with curly hair always wish for straight, and those with straight hair wish for curly! Despite the occasional annoyance, I do love my hair the way it is. It’s unique and interesting, and I don’t see any point in hiding the nature of the locks I’ve been given.

I’d love to hear about your hair-related hassles!


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