Happiness is the key to success

Isn’t it sad that we are expected to spend our lives working five days of the week, only to enjoy two?  Unfortunately for many, those five days are spent working mindlessly, with little passion or excitement. I understand that in many situations, working in any job one can acquire is a necessity, but I also hope that given the opportunity – people grab onto the work that inspires them and makes them happy.

I do not want to spend the majority of my weeks for the majority of my life working in a job I don’t love and enjoy. When I enter the real workforce, I want to love what I do. Of course, I know this will take time and that the first job I get may not be perfect. However, what I am working towards and looking to find is a job that inspires me, excites me and I actually enjoy doing. I love putting my mind into something and working when I enjoy it. Take this blog for example – I don’t need to do it, but I do, because I enjoy writing. Sometimes it takes effort to think of ideas, but I enjoy making that effort. There is also more of a chance that I will be successful in work, life and anything I put my mind to if I actually love and have fun doing it. If you are unhappy, it’s going to be harder to find success. Even if you are successful, that success probably won’t feel as great as it would if it was related to something you were passionate about.

This subject is so relevant for every young adult – the world is our oyster. At the same time, I would strongly encourage older people to be daring and let themselves be guided by what they enjoy. Don’t let yourself live a life less ordinary, less happy because you didn’t do the things you really wanted to. At any age, finding what makes us happy can take a little soul-searching and self-discovery, but isn’t it worth it? If there is nothing stopping you from following your dreams and pursuing something that will make you happy, why aren’t you?

Are you doing what you love?



2 thoughts on “Happiness is the key to success

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