Online Store of the Week: Tobi

As a rule I am not only going to share stores with you that I am crazy in love with, but give honest reviews of all online stores that I have experience with. These reviews will be primarily focused on price, quality and convenience but I would also like to discuss the strengths and weaknesses in marketing/PR – coming from a customer perspective and that of a student studying in those areas.

The store I have selected to share with you all this week is Tobi. Originating in California, it stocks the latest styles at great prices. When I first discovered Tobi, I was instantly satisfied with the knowledge that I would get a huge 50% discount on my first purchase – what an incentive to buy! There’s also a cool 30% off all new products that enter the store.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.26.08 pm

My first and only purchase from Tobi so far has been these pants (see left). With the first-buyer discount, they came down to between AU$20-25 or less from memory and it was definitely worth it. They are great quality, unique and I have worn them multiple times – dressed up and down. Unfortunately the pants are no longer listed on the site so I can’t provide a link, but I can assure you that you’re sure to find a great deal on Tobi, especially with your first order. My sister also purchased the Caroline Cropped Blouse and the Twist Around Top. The Twist Around Top is so easy and versatile (can be worn with the low cut at the front or back). I should buy one for myself, but I’ve been settling for borrowing hers, much to her dismay.

Unfortunately I’ve noticed that the prices on Tobi have gone up since we bought our items. Although the clothes are good quality and the costs won’t break the bank, it’s annoying for returning customers who are expecting cheaper prices! I assume the change is to help Tobi make money while still promoting big discounts, but in my opinion it defeats the purpose. I was also recently disappointed when a jacket I wanted to buy was excluded from any discount. Bummer!

Compared to other online fashion stores, Tobi’s social media presence does not seem as strong. I’m not sure whether this is because it is based in America and my feed gets clogged with Australian stores, but when I compare it to stores like Nasty Gal (also based in the U.S) I really feel like Tobi should lift it’s game. I’m no expert but it’s easy to see that many successful stores do not solely post photos of their clothing and models. They also post colourful quotes and images they believe their followers will relate to, thus creating a relationship with them. Tobi does not do this on it’s Instagram or Facebook accounts and I believe this is their downfall on the social media front.Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.05.16 pm

Although I sound very negative in the last two paragraphs, I still believe it’s worth looking at Tobi’s products. Especially if you are a first time customer because everything will be half the price AND Tobi offers free shipping to Australia for all my fellow Aussies. I haven’t been disappointed with the quality of their clothes so I’m sure you’ll be happy with any purchase you make.

Happy shopping!




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