Blogging 101: Getting started

In this day and age, new blogs pop up every hour of every day. Two months ago, The World by J was freshly created and I entered the world of internet bloggers. I know for a fact that there are so many people out there who want to start their own blog but are too hesitant or don’t know where to begin. I was once in that position – I wanted my own space to publish my writing about things I love and enjoy, but I was too afraid of what people might think. Now that I’ve moved passed that feeling and out of my comfort zone, I’d like to encourage more people to let go of their worries and just START. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop! The first step in creating your own blog is deciding what you would like to write about and which platform you will use. As you can see, my blog doesn’t have a specific genre. On the side of my page you will see a Categories menu which lists the areas I write about. Hopefully soon I will be able to narrow them down into fewer, more specific categories soon. However, many blogs do have a consistent theme – the most common being beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. If you are going to start a blog, do it because you LOVE writing or are passionate about the topic (which could be absolutely anything) – not just to follow the trend. If you do it because you love it, it will be far more rewarding.

The next thing you must do is choose a platform. WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are the top three platforms that come to my mind when I think of blogging.

unnamedI use WordPress because I had to set up an account for university so it made sense to use it for my personal blogging. I’ve grown to love using it, especially the ease of creating new posts and editing. You’re able to find some great themes for free and install them on your blog OR you can pay for premium themes and upgrade your account so all themes become more customisable. The theme I use is Twenty Eleven and I haven’t paid for any upgrades or customisation. I’m waiting to buy a domain – after which I’ll be willing to spend money on a better, more responsive theme. Another benefit of WordPress is that you able to connect it to your domain host and download it to design your website and create your content. I’m yet to conquer this aspect of WordPress but am keen to learn all about it so I can make my blog BEAUTIFUL!

bloggerBlogger is the first blogging platform I ever attempted to use. I actually just discovered the Blogger account I made in 2009 – definitely a cringe-at-my-old-user-name moment and proof I’ve always wanted to start a blog, I was 14 back then! I haven’t been on Blogger for a long time but after taking a little time to explore, I can say that it ticks a lot of boxes from a blogging perspective. There is a greater ability to customise your blog for free AND you can add a custom template. The templates seem a lot smoother and better quality too – perhaps something to do with Google owning Blogger. I wish had the ability to customise this much without upgrading and downloading.

UnknownAlthough Tumblr is primarily a photo sharing platform, it can also be great for blogging. It’s far easier to connect with a lot of people via Tumblr and if you find the right theme, your blog can look beautiful. If you use another platform for your main blog, Tumblr can still be a great way to create awareness. I share all my blog posts on my Tumblr account!

When choosing a platform – keep in mind the type of format you will be posting. Photos? Text? Video? You get the idea. Some platforms are more suited to certain types of content. There are also a number of website creator sites like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace which are super customisable and allow you to create beautiful, dynamic websites/blogs. The only problem I have with these sites is that posting is far more difficult. I love being able to click “New Post” on WordPress, writing, adding photos and tags and posting straight to my blog with absolute ease.

I hope this post has given any potential bloggers some inspiration to get started! As I learn more about blogging I will write more posts to help everyone out. I know that there a tonne of websites and guides along the same lines but I honestly believe it’s best to learn from a peer. xxxxxxx


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