Blogging 101: Choosing a name

Before the mothers-to-be of the blogosphere get their hopes up, this post does not contain advice about picking the perfect name for your unborn child. The naming decision I’m talking about is for anyone on the verge of creating their own blog. In my previous post I discussed deciding what you want to write about and what platform you will use, completely forgetting the importance of giving your little piece of the internet a name.

Sometimes I worry that “The World by J” is too generic. There are quite a few blog sites with similar titles, but I decided to stick with my choice. Why? It means something to me. Every individual on the planet is wrapped up in their own world. They see it from their own perspective, just as I see the world through my eyes, thoughts, memories and influences. I selected the name “The World by J” because I wanted to emphasise the idea that this blog is a piece of me. I’m writing down the world as I see it. I’m creating this blog with meraki, which, according to the world wide web, is a Greek word for doing something with soul, creativity or love and putting something of yourself into your work. With all the effort I’m putting into it, I didn’t want the name to be meaningless.

In saying that, the name of your blog is extremely important. The name should be relatively short and easy to remember so readers can return to your blog without thinking too hard about what to type into the browser. Some of my personal favourite blog names are Song of Style, Sincerely Jules and A Pair and a Spare. Two out of these three have put a piece of themselves into their title (which I love) and the third has used a neat rhyme to grab your attention. All three are successful blogs!

UntitledIn my opinion, a great blog name should be; unique, meaningful, succinct, memorable, interesting and relevant. Keeping these elements in mind will help you create an awesome title or domain URL. It’s also important to try and choose a name that you will be happy with for a long, long time. I highly recommend sticking to the name you have chosen for the life of your blog, especially if you have a following of readers who have become familiar with your title and could be confused by a change. Now that I think of it, choosing a blog name does seem remarkably similar to selecting a baby name!

I hope you have enjoyed the second post in this series about blogging for beginners. I’d love to hear from you all – tell me how and why you chose your blog name!



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