Blogging 101: How to get noticed

On my most recent Blogging 101 post I received a comment from someone wondering how to get his blog noticed. Now, as most people will tell you, blogging shouldn’t be about gaining attention and popularity UNLESS it is designed to promote your own business or product. Your focus should be on blogging because you enjoy and love it, not because of the potential for more followers or monetary gain. However, because we all love people to appreciate, enjoy and discuss what we write, here are some basic tips on getting your blog noticed.

image1. Social media
This one’s a no-brainer. Social media is the easiest and fastest way to get your blog noticed. This can be as simple as sharing your posts to your Facebook and Twitter followers or creating an Instagram profile for your blog. Personally, I share my posts to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and will do a little ‘post announcement’ on my recently made blog-dedicated Instagram page. This way I am not only reaching my friends and family, but strangers who will come across my posts via the hashtags on Tumblr and Twitter. It can be very daunting sharing your work on a personal account, but I see no harm in showing people what you love to do!

2. Key words
Another simple tip for directing traffic to your blog is by using particular words or phrases. I use this trick where possible in my posts, usually in the title. By using Google Trends, I check which words or phrases are ‘trending’ or popular. For example, I changed the title of this post from Blogging 101: So you want to get noticed? to Blogging 101: How to get noticed because it was a more common search term. When I take a moment to do this, I notice the results in my WordPress stats – I can see the search terms people have used to find my site and I keep the results in mind for future reference.

3. Relevance/controversy
If you write about a controversial, popular or relevant topic – chances are you will get noticed. You can also check out trending topics on Google Trends. However, I don’t recommend doing this just for the sake of a few more views. Only write about something controversial or popular if you are truly passionate or have an opinion about it. If it ignites something within that makes you want to write about it, whether it be anger, sadness or compassion, go for it! If you choose the topics of your blog posts simply by following the herd, it isn’t really a reflection of yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.39.35 pm

4. Comments & feedback
I love when I get a notification stating that someone has commented on a post of mine. I try to do the same when I find post I love. Not only does commenting bring happiness and feedback to a fellow blogger, it also effortlessly promotes your site. Many people have been referred to my blog via the comments I have made on posts.

5. Post often
I left this point till last because I felt it was already obvious. The more you post, the more you will be noticed. The amount of time and effort you put into your blog will be reflected in the attention you receive.

These are the simplest ways to get your blog noticed amongst the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. There are many more, complicated ways of promoting your page which I may explore in the future and share with you. If you start a blog for the right reasons, work hard and love what you do – I have no doubt that it will be appreciated by those around you and blog-readers across the world!



2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: How to get noticed

  1. love every bit of advice given especially for newbies like me! if you could visit my blog and follow me on bloglovin or subscribe to me that would be amazing! ❤

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