Blogging 101: Unique selling proposition

c5451e18f830505ab4e6a9297ef8aab5If there’s one thing I get bored of, it’s scrolling down my feed and seeing the same beauty product reviews again and again. I’ve come to notice that beauty blogs are probably the most common of all categories, and therefore to be successful, one must be different from the others. The only in-depth beauty review I have done so far can be found here, and although I may be biased, I do not feel as though it was run-of-the-mill.

At the time of my review, Anatomicals had only just hit Australian shelves. I bought it impulsively because it caught my eye, was inexpensive and interesting. Not only did I review the quality and success of the product itself, but also the marketing/branding which I found impressive. It has been almost two months since I posted about Anatomicals and to this day I am yet to see another review. The products were new in my country, yet to be reviewed extensively by other bloggers, and I also had a unique vantage point as a PR and marketing student. What I’m saying, put simply, is BE DIFFERENT. Stand out. Don’t copy what you read on other blogs word for word. You may use them as inspiration, but make the ideas your own. Each post should have a little reflection of who you are; your values, interests and passions.

This is why my blog isn’t focused on a particular category. Although it would probably make blogging easier, I personally believe that the best blogs are not just ones who focus solely on beauty and/or fashion (i.e. seem material-orientated), but also offer inspiration, advice and interesting views on a variety of topics. They stray from the norm. By all means, if you have a passion for fashion, make it the pinnacle of your blog. But, if you’re doing it because you think it will be popular or is what you should be doing, stop right now. We are all individuals who can’t be replicated, so if we hide our own individuality or try to copy someone else’s, we are doing ourselves a disservice. The one thing the varying topics on my blog have in common is that they are all written from my unique and honest point of view. As I continue to grow and think of more ideas, I will make sure metaphorical pieces of me are still wedged between every word.

Don’t get me wrong – there are so many blogs which focus on beauty and fashion which I love. But most of the ones I adore are written by those who I would consider pioneers for what has now become typical fashion and beauty blogging. When they started, it was uncommon and they were unique.

Be a pioneer. Don’t follow the herd, create your own path and be you. Your unique selling proposition?

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.14.13 pm


Disclaimer: Photograph found at Rain on a Tin Roof


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