University Survival Guide

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Are you starting university next year, or a current student looking for guidance? Head over to First Year La Trobe for some tips, tricks and anecdotes from students currently studying at La Trobe University – including me! To read my posts on First Year La Trobe, click here.

Although the blog is targeted towards first years, the advice given by my fellow students is applicable to all stages of your university education, and to life-after-highschool in general! Hello, welcome to the real world! First Year La Trobe is a perfect read for anyone who is worried about making the transition next year, wondering what university is like or interested in studying at La Trobe.

I think this blog is a great initiative and I wish I had known about it before my first day. Okay, I’ll be honest… I wasn’t really nervous about starting university, but I know a lot of people who were. And I’m not just telling you to read the blog because I contribute to it or because I attend La Trobe. Throughout the last year of high school, teachers, university representatives and career advisors will try to explain the independence and experiences that come with tertiary education, but none explain it better than fellow students or peers. The best guest speakers at my school were past students, talking to us about their choices and life after school. This blog describes the first year experience and, if you’re a high school student, reading it will show you that there’s nothing to be scared of – and hopefully inspire you to get excited for the years to come!

If you live in Australia, currently attend high school or know someone who is in the process of making the “big” life choice of choosing a university (don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get your first preference), spread the word. You may even find similar blogs run by other universities to aid you in your decision and give you an idea of the culture at each institution.



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