Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.47.43 pmHi everyone,

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has followed, liked, commented on and responded to my blog in the past couple of months. It has meant so much to me – I’ve always wanted to start one but until the start of this year, I was too scared. FINALLY I took the plunge and it has been oh-so rewarding. So much so, that I have decided to upgrade:



My new blog. Yep, I officially own my own .com. And it feels fabulous. Why TWENTY & CO? Well, as you may have noticed, The World by J doesn’t really have a “niche”. I’ve written about fashion, done reviews about books, random rants about topics in the news, and so on. So I decided, in order to make the name and my blog relevant to readers, I’m still going to write about all that stuff and more – BUT – TWENTY & CO is dedicated to all of us who are close to becoming, or are already, a “twenty-something.” In Australia, 18 is considered being an adult, but I still don’t really feel like a “real” adult. Will I ever feel like a real adult? I don’t know. But I’m looking forward to writing about a whole bunch of different topics as I begin my journey into the twenties. Over the next week I will be uploading some of my favourite/most popular posts from The World by J before I begin posting new content. First up is my career profile on Chloe Clark from Beginning Boutique. I hope those of you reading this decide to come along for the ride. If not, thank you for being so supportive and interested in my work here.

Lots of love,


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Hard work pays off


I often scour Pinterest looking to find new quotes to inspire me. Today, I found his one.

“Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

How true it is! Everyone in life wants to succeed, but half of those people are not willing to put in the hard work and effort. Work can be hard, tiring, time-consuming. If you love what you do it will be more enjoyable. Either way, if you have a goal or destination in mind you must be willing to put in the work. Good things don’t always come to those who wait. Most of the time, they are earned by people who go out and show the world what they want and work for it.

I’ll admit I sometimes forget to be proactive. Sometimes I’ll complain about wanting something but won’t do anything about it. A perfect example would be wanting to exercise and be more healthy. Ideally, I’d like to do it but it takes effort and I haven’t been willing to put in very much effort, probably because these two things aren’t high priorities for me at the moment. However, there are things I am willing to put in effort to – particularly in relation to giving myself the best chance of doing work I enjoy when I graduate and saving money for the things I want to buy/do, like a car, travelling and eventually moving out. My current effort is going into finding a job that gives me regular hours so I have the opportunity to reach my money goals, but I’m also on the look out for work experience/internships that will look good on my resume.

You can’t expect to have everything handed to you in life, because it won’t be. Money, respect, success, love, happiness – everything anyone could ever want. It’s easy to say “I want” but harder to  show how much you want through hard work. Put in the time and effort and you will reap the rewards, knowing it was YOU who made your dreams come true.


Happiness is the key to success

Isn’t it sad that we are expected to spend our lives working five days of the week, only to enjoy two?  Unfortunately for many, those five days are spent working mindlessly, with little passion or excitement. I understand that in many situations, working in any job one can acquire is a necessity, but I also hope that given the opportunity – people grab onto the work that inspires them and makes them happy.

I do not want to spend the majority of my weeks for the majority of my life working in a job I don’t love and enjoy. When I enter the real workforce, I want to love what I do. Of course, I know this will take time and that the first job I get may not be perfect. However, what I am working towards and looking to find is a job that inspires me, excites me and I actually enjoy doing. I love putting my mind into something and working when I enjoy it. Take this blog for example – I don’t need to do it, but I do, because I enjoy writing. Sometimes it takes effort to think of ideas, but I enjoy making that effort. There is also more of a chance that I will be successful in work, life and anything I put my mind to if I actually love and have fun doing it. If you are unhappy, it’s going to be harder to find success. Even if you are successful, that success probably won’t feel as great as it would if it was related to something you were passionate about.

This subject is so relevant for every young adult – the world is our oyster. At the same time, I would strongly encourage older people to be daring and let themselves be guided by what they enjoy. Don’t let yourself live a life less ordinary, less happy because you didn’t do the things you really wanted to. At any age, finding what makes us happy can take a little soul-searching and self-discovery, but isn’t it worth it? If there is nothing stopping you from following your dreams and pursuing something that will make you happy, why aren’t you?

Are you doing what you love?


Chloe Clark: PR Manager, Beginning Boutique

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 2.32.27 pm

In recent years, online shopping has revolutionised the retail industry and opened up a variety of interesting job opportunities. Chloe Clark is an ambitious, fashion-forward woman who knows first hand how public relations techniques have had to change in order to adapt to the world wide web. She works as a public relations manager for Beginning Boutique – an Australian based online store selling a variety of stylish yet affordable items from a number of brands.

It seems like a dream come true for someone as openly  interested in fashion as Chloe, however she admits working in public relations is not the career she had envisioned for herself. She studied a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations major) at The University of Queensland.  When asked whether she has always wanted to work in this type of role, she explained that she has “always had a love for fashion” but her “interest in PR began after studying journalism at UQ.” In particular, it was the realisation that people working in public relations do the majority of the work for the journalists which made her make the switch to public relations. She wanted to be on “the other side” but kept her options open, imagining herself working as either a reporter, or in public relations for a larger organisation or in-house.

The level of competitiveness in the fashion industry made her unsure of how she would combine her two passions. Luckily enough, after seeing an advertisement on Facebook for an internship, Chloe interned at Beginning Boutique and upon graduating landed herself a paid job there. In her opinion “interning is the best way to get experience in the indu21235_5408d882dcccb1a9a1c0224b909d51fbstry.” Although you may not be getting paid and, at the time, feel like you are not getting anything in return for your time and effort – “the knowledge you will gain is invaluable, and the contacts you will make come in handy down the track.” Prior to interning at Beginning Boutique, she also interned at Style Magazine, the Red PR Group and was a  volunteer at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.

Chloe believes her willingness to learn has contributed to her progression at Beginning Boutique. She began in customer care packing the orders but now manages the public relations and also works as a stylist – the best of both worlds.  Her public relations role involves liaising with brands and personalities, events, promotions and much more. Communication skills are essential to her job and she says “being professional but still relatable” is  important, especially when you are constantly communicating with other brands and customers. Working with “like-minded creatives” who are all under the age of 25 and passionate about their roles at Beginning Boutique is the best part of her job, and Chloe believes it also contributes to the success of the store itself. For public relations to be successful “you have to be passionate about the field of work you are working in, because if you don’t have a desire to succeed or be the best in your industry, you won’t have any motivation to achieve your goals” she explained.

photoSince the introduction of social media, the public relations environment has changed completely. Every online fashion boutique has it’s own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth –  therefore it is important for Chloe to make Beginning Boutique stand out from it’s competitors, using social media and other methods. It is essential that companies adapt to each new technology or social media platform, and use it to their advantage. This is the most difficult yet “interesting” part of the job, according to Chloe. Social media is a huge part of the communication and public relations strategy at Beginning Boutique – the store has it’s own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts, along with it’s own blog. All of these are constantly updated and engaging with present and potential future customers. “A quick look at our Facebook and Instagram will show amazing content, both branded and non branded, that makes our customers constantly involved with BB” said Chloe, whose role includes having high involvement in all of Beginning Boutique’s social media platforms.

In particular, Instagram has “taken over” social media public relations. It is a platform which Chloe believes brands need to invest more time and money into. Beginning Boutique has over 265,000 followers on Instagram and has collaborated with other brands and popular bloggers to widen it’s audience even further. “It’s a win-win situation for both parties” says Chloe. Collaborating means Beginning Boutique is able to branch into other audiences and in turn, the blogger or brand reaches into Beginning Boutique’s audience.

Social media is not the only method Chloe uses to spread awareness of Beginning Boutique. Events such as Pop-Up Sales, VIP Events and Blogger Breakfasts are organised monthly and used to raise the profile of Beginning Boutique, get feedback, say thank you and essentially reward customers for shopping. The Blogger Breakfasts aim to strengthen ties between Beginning Boutique and popular bloggers, who often have thousands of followers on different types of social media and can promote a brand or company in an instant.

With the number of online shopping stores only set to grow, marketing techniques are sure to adapt and improve to tackle the competition, and those working in public relations will bring these new tactics to life. Working at the forefront of the social media revolution will undoubtedly continue to be a challenge for Chloe – but it is one she enjoys whole heartedly. By simply listening to her speak about her job it is easy to tell how motivated and inspired she is. For someone so young and working in her first public relations role, Chloe is full of experience and knowledge that will undoubtedly benefit any business she works for in the future.