Best of the Blogs – My Top Four Favourites

There are countless blogs floating around the internet, including mine. These are my absolute favourites – some which I have only just discovered and others which have had my eye for a while. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend joining Bloglovin (follow me while you’re at it). It’s the best way to keep track of all your favourite blogs across all different platforms and find new ones to fall in love with! In my opinion, the best blogs are those which are relatable and inspire deep thought or exciting action.

1. World of Wanderlust
World of Wanderlust is a blog run by 22 year old Australian Brooke Saward. Not only are the photographs and information about travel destinations helpful – but Brooke’s general outlook on life and positive mentality is inspiring. I only discovered World of Wanderlust relatively recently, but I’ve been hooked on reading everything she posts since!

2. Essena O’Neill
Essena O’Neill is a young girl living by the amazing ocean scenery of Noosa, Queensland. For a 17 year old, Essena is wise beyond her years and constantly encourages her followers to challenge their view of the world – particularly by providing an insight into her vegan lifestyle and the reasons behind her decision to embrace it. Although I am not vegan, or even vegetarian, reading Essena’s tumblr blog and her website always leaves me feeling enlightened and positive.

3. Adele Maree
Adele Maree is a ‘local’ blogger who I have been following for quite some time. Her focus is fashion and I always discover new online stores with affordable, stylish pieces on her blog. She is currently travelling Europe and her Instagram photos are beautiful and making me so jealous! I’ll be there soon, I promise!

4. NYC PR Girls
NYC PR Girls is a blog that details the ups and downs, tips and tricks of two women working in public relations in New York. Considering I am studying communications, I have found their CAREER & PR posts super helpful and they inspire me to finish my degree and work Plus… they live and work in New York – a dream come true for many.

Other notables (4/5 were discovered on Bloglovin)…

A Bikini A Day, Natasha Oakley Blog, Damsel in Dior, Queen of Jet lags, With Love from Kat