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Blogging 101: How to get noticed

On my most recentΒ Blogging 101 postΒ I received a comment from someone wondering how to get his blog noticed. Now, as most people will tell you, blogging shouldn’t be about gaining attention and popularity UNLESS it is designed to promote your own business or product. Your focus should be on blogging because you enjoy and love it, not because of the potential for more followers or monetary gain. However, because we all love people to appreciate, enjoy and discuss what we write, here are some basic tips on getting your blog noticed.

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Online Store of the Week: Beginning Boutique

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.18.46 pmTime to discuss another online store, and this week I’m #TeamBB all the way! Beginning Boutique is an online fashion boutique based in Australia which stocks amazing brands all at very reasonable prices. You may remember BB from my previous feature pieceΒ on PR Manager/Stylist Chloe Clark! Since I spoke with Chloe only a few months ago, the store has continued to grow, develop and establish itself as one of the leading Australian online retailers for young women.

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Online Store of the Week: Nasty Gal

826ca1940c7380bc8e8f568ecb1ce397In lieu of my recent #GIRLBOSS review, I decided it was time to discuss Nasty Gal as my online store of the week. Its achievements in such a short time are impressive – what started off as an eBay store selling vintage clothes from thrift shops has now become a multi-million dollar business, styling girls from all over the world.

Nasty Gal is one of the first online stores I ever shopped at. I have bought two pairs of denim shorts, a knit, a jumper, a bracelet (see below) and Jeffrey Campbell heels. Quite an array of clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, when I bought my first pair of shorts, I was confused by the sizing. I compared myself to the models (who all wear size S) and the size guide. I took my measurements and ordered a size 27 in shorts, but to my disappointment when they arrived they was too big, particularly around the waist – a common occurrence for me and oh, so frustrating. Note to self: know your size before you buy.

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Blogging 101: Getting started

In this day and age, new blogs pop up every hour of every day. Two months ago, The World by J was freshly created and I entered the world of internet bloggers. I know for a fact that there are so many people out there who want to start their own blog but are too hesitant or don’t know where to begin. I was once in that position – I wanted my own space to publish my writing about things I love and enjoy, but I was too afraid of what people might think. Now that I’ve moved passed that feeling and out of my comfort zone, I’d like to encourage more people to let go of their worries and just START. Once you do, you won’t be able to stop! The first step in creating your own blog is deciding what you would like to write about and which platform you will use. As you can see, my blog doesn’t have a specific genre. On the side of my page you will see a Categories menu which lists the areas I write about. Hopefully soon I will be able to narrow them down into fewer, more specific categories soon. However, many blogs do have a consistent theme – the most common being beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. If you are going to start a blog, do it because you LOVE writing or are passionate about the topic (which could be absolutely anything) – not just to follow the trend. If you do it because you love it, it will be far more rewarding.

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Online Store of the Week: Tobi

As a rule I am not only going to share stores with you that I am crazy in love with, but give honest reviews of all online stores that I have experience with. These reviews will be primarily focused on price, quality and convenience but I would also like to discuss the strengths and weaknesses in marketing/PR – coming from a customer perspective and that of a student studying in those areas.

The store I have selected to share with you all this week isΒ Tobi. Originating in California, it stocks the latest styles at great prices. When I first discovered Tobi, I was instantly satisfied with the knowledge that I would get a huge 50% discount on my first purchase – what an incentive to buy! There’s also a cool 30% off all new products that enter the store.

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Hunting endangered species: right or wrong?


Have you ever wondered whether your children, or grand children even, will be blessed enough to see the animals you have seen in your lifetime? Lions, tigers, gorillas are just a few in a huge list of animals that are critically endangered, threatened or vulnerable to extinction. Humans have threatened these species for hundreds of years; whether through changing the environment via deforestation and the creation of bustling, polluted cities or through hunting and poaching.

Kendall Jones, a teenage girl from Texas, has sparked outrage on social media by posting photos of herself standing proudly next to her kills on Facebook – all endangered African mammals. I definitely am not pleased by the images nor would I ever partake in such an act myself, but after reading through the ridiculously mean comments on her page, I felt the situation was worthy of discussion. The key issue at hand, of course, is the preservation of these animals. These creates should never become a long-lost memory. I don’t want to live in world without animals in Africa that sing “The Circle of Life” every time a lion cub and heir to the pride is born. “The Lion King” reference aside, I don’t think (or at least I hope) anyone in the world is intent on driving these animals into extinction.

The animals killed by Kendall and other hunters (who payΒ toΒ legally hunt) are supposedly animals which are incurably sick or endangering other animals. The meat is used to feed the hungry people of local villages and the money paid by the hunters goes towards preservation. If these animals were truly going to die, perhaps hunting them and using the loss of their life to enrich others is acceptable. Then again, these hunters could donate the huge sums of money they pay to hunt the renowned animals to the conservation efforts, preserves or to organisations that assist poor communities in Africa. Clearly, they don’t do this because they are passionate about hunting – and the debate of whether hunting is right or wrong is ongoing. Personally, I do not like the idea of hunting but in situations where it has a purpose and the death was inevitable, I can accept it. By a purpose, I mean protecting the animal kingdom, protecting farmers crops or feeding communities. In these situations, death creates life – it allows other animals to live and reproduce, for plants to grow and for people to survive.


It is the proud smile on Kendall’s face and the ‘promotion’ of killing such animals that is the most troubling/disturbing part of the whole debacle – and it is the reason people have reacted so aggressively towards her. To be passionate about hunting is one thing, everyone has a passion. Many people post photos of their hunting achievements, but generally the animals they have killed are animals which live in abundance and the hunters do not have huge grins spread across their faces. I do not think it is right or appropriate to post photos of endangered animals that you have killed. No matter your purpose in hunting, it is not okay to promote the intentional death of an endangered species. In doing so, not only is she suggesting that it is acceptable and promoting hunting in Africa to enthusiasts, but also (unintentionally) drawing a comparison between herself and illegal poachers. Many poachers hunt for both the pleasure and the monetary gain. It is clear Miss Jone’s loves to hunt, I just hope she is doing it for the right reasons (if there is any) and not purely for her own enjoyment.

I’d love to know if there are alternative methods that would assist both animal and human life WITHOUT this legal hunting. Obviously, I do not support loss of animal life, particularly that of endangered species. Feel free to comment your opinion (agree/disagree) or any information you have regarding this topic, I’d love to be informed!