Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.47.43 pmHi everyone,

I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has followed, liked, commented on and responded to my blog in the past couple of months. It has meant so much to me – I’ve always wanted to start one but until the start of this year, I was too scared. FINALLY I took the plunge and it has been oh-so rewarding. So much so, that I have decided to upgrade:



My new blog. Yep, I officially own my own .com. And it feels fabulous. Why TWENTY & CO? Well, as you may have noticed, The World by J doesn’t really have a “niche”. I’ve written about fashion, done reviews about books, random rants about topics in the news, and so on. So I decided, in order to make the name and my blog relevant to readers, I’m still going to write about all that stuff and more – BUT – TWENTY & CO is dedicated to all of us who are close to becoming, or are already, a “twenty-something.” In Australia, 18 is considered being an adult, but I still don’t really feel like a “real” adult. Will I ever feel like a real adult? I don’t know. But I’m looking forward to writing about a whole bunch of different topics as I begin my journey into the twenties. Over the next week I will be uploading some of my favourite/most popular posts from The World by J before I begin posting new content. First up is my career profile on Chloe Clark from Beginning Boutique. I hope those of you reading this decide to come along for the ride. If not, thank you for being so supportive and interested in my work here.

Lots of love,


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Best of the Blogs – My Top Four Favourites

There are countless blogs floating around the internet, including mine. These are my absolute favourites – some which I have only just discovered and others which have had my eye for a while. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend joining Bloglovin (follow me while you’re at it). It’s the best way to keep track of all your favourite blogs across all different platforms and find new ones to fall in love with! In my opinion, the best blogs are those which are relatable and inspire deep thought or exciting action.

1. World of Wanderlust
World of Wanderlust is a blog run by 22 year old Australian Brooke Saward. Not only are the photographs and information about travel destinations helpful – but Brooke’s general outlook on life and positive mentality is inspiring. I only discovered World of Wanderlust relatively recently, but I’ve been hooked on reading everything she posts since!

2. Essena O’Neill
Essena O’Neill is a young girl living by the amazing ocean scenery of Noosa, Queensland. For a 17 year old, Essena is wise beyond her years and constantly encourages her followers to challenge their view of the world – particularly by providing an insight into her vegan lifestyle and the reasons behind her decision to embrace it. Although I am not vegan, or even vegetarian, reading Essena’s tumblr blog and her website always leaves me feeling enlightened and positive.

3. Adele Maree
Adele Maree is a ‘local’ blogger who I have been following for quite some time. Her focus is fashion and I always discover new online stores with affordable, stylish pieces on her blog. She is currently travelling Europe and her Instagram photos are beautiful and making me so jealous! I’ll be there soon, I promise!

4. NYC PR Girls
NYC PR Girls is a blog that details the ups and downs, tips and tricks of two women working in public relations in New York. Considering I am studying communications, I have found their CAREER & PR posts super helpful and they inspire me to finish my degree and work Plus… they live and work in New York – a dream come true for many.

Other notables (4/5 were discovered on Bloglovin)…

A Bikini A Day, Natasha Oakley Blog, Damsel in Dior, Queen of Jet lags, With Love from Kat

Bucket list – Places I want to visit

I decided to dedicate this post to all the places I really, really want to see in my lifetime (preferably soon). So many people I know and bloggers that I follow have been going overseas and posting beautiful photos – it’s been giving me itchy feet!

Itchy feet; wanderlust – very strong or irresistible impulse to travel

It’s so hard to put into words exactly why I want to visit these places. This is by no means a complete list, nor does it do justice to any of the places mentioned. These are the countries/cities I have always known I would see one day, or that I have recently been inspired to visit.

1. London

Everyone knows that English accents are some of the most entertaining/posh sounding in the world. London is filled with so many ‘must-see’ attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and of course, the famous red phone booths and double-deckers. I’m not a soccer fanatic but I would also love to see a game in England – the atmosphere sounds insane.



2. Paris

Paris seems like the most perfectly, delicate and elegant city in the world. The art and architecture looks beautiful and it adds a kind of richness to the culture, which so many European countries have. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower, eat, drink and roam around Paris.


3. Italy

I’ve actually already been to Italia, but once you go there you can’t help but want to go back. There is nothing better than seeing all the things you’ve only ever seen photos of or imagined. It’s also great to visit a country that speaks a language you’ve been learning OR is spoken in your family. You notice it’s beauty and it becomes far easier to understand it. I loved every part of Italy that I visited (Milan, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Sorrento, Orvieto, Rome) and I would love to go back and explore them more freely.


4. Greece

All the photos I’ve ever seen of Greece (particularly the islands) can be described as no less than stunning. Like all other European countries, Greece is rich with culture and I would love to experience it first hand. Oh, and the food.


5. Spain

Once again – culture, food and a beautiful language. Three ticks in my book. I once had a teacher who visited Spain, and his stories made me want to visit even more!


6. Croatia

My grandparents visited Croatia last year and when they came back and showed me the photos I was so jealous. It’s a beautiful country. If I get the opportunity I would love to see Croatia in all it’s glory.


7. Bali

Bali is every Australian’s must-go destination. The weather, tropical scenery and gorgeous resorts are a dream come true for anyone who wants a relaxing getaway. I know I do.


6. America

Specifically, New York and L.A.  Of course, I’d love to see all the other cities and places in MURRICA, but those two are ‘bucket-list’ material.

Manhattan Office Vacancy Rate Drops In Second Quarter

I can’t wait to see all these wonderful places one day. If anyone reading this has visited any of them, feel free to comment with any extra information you have, like the best places to visit, great tours to go on or just advice about travelling overseas!


Accept life for what it is, or change it

This little post is a reminder to anyone reading (but mainly to myself), that if you can’t accept a situation or issue in your life – change it. There are a few reasons why I have trouble doing this at times.

I can be lazy. No lazier than average, but still lazy. I’m amazing and super productive when I’m in the mood to work, but at other times I just can’t seem to get my butt out of bed. Secondly, I dislike conflict. I stand up for other people, but I rarely stand up for myself. I’m an empathetic person and always put myself in the shoes of others. Many others don’t do the same, so I find it pointless trying to express how I feel sometimes, even if it hurts

What these two attributes have in common is that they often result in me complaining about a) Uni b) Work c) People d) Money. YET, I could potentially avoid and totally change these situations if I constantly took a proactive approach to life – not just when I’m randomly in a (possibly hormone driven) happy/”anything is possible” mood. The point is, if you want great marks – study. If you want money or a job you love – work for it. If people make you feel shitty – tell them, or move on and live your life without their negative presence.

Earlier this afternoon I was exploring World of Wanderlust, a travel blog created by 22 year old Australian, Brooke Saward. After completing her Bachelor degree in 2013, she booked a one-way ticket to London and the rest is history. Brooke took her passion for travelling and business know-how and turned it into a full-time career – she is currently travelling the world and being paid for it. What more could you wish for? She’s SO lucky, right? Well… no. Today I read Brooke’s post “Why I’m not lucky to travel the world as a career”, and it was inspiring to say the least. She has worked hard to turn her love of travel into a successful business endeavour, and the hard work has paid off BIG TIME. Sure, she is living the dream now, but it wasn’t given to her on a silver platter. She changed her life through her own actions and decisions – something I’m going to remind myself of when I’m feeling lazy or negative towards aspects of my life.

I hope this post has given you a little inspiration to change the things in life you cannot accept. Give yourself the life you deserve!